WTF is Wellness

So WTF is Wellness ? … a fairly loaded question or a simple answer, philosophy or fact ? I read this tweet recently and it really resonated with me .. ‘Fuck Wellness . Wellness is capitalism trying to sell you back the sanity it stole from you’ …whilst I don't 100% agree with this I get it.

I have worked in the world of Wellness now for over 20 years and have seen many changes in the industry. My role as a beauty/body/alternative therapist was always focused on my clients wellbeing, incorporating lifestyle advice and alternative therapies such as Reiki in my treatments. My approach was always to see the client as a whole person, body mind and spirit and to realize the highest possible level of functioning and balance of the physical, mental and emotional aspects within each individual.

As a society we certainly become time poor and this is having a profound effect on our wellbeing. Wellness has become a buzz word that is very commonly used , and everyone is suddenly an expert on wellness , whilst this is great for awareness I feel the meaning has become somewhat diluted. Wellness has become a term that's a bit passive and can be a bit reactive with some people.

Wellness is defined as - The state of being in good health especially as an actively pursued goal.

Wellness is often considered in 5 dimensions lets break them down ..

1.Physical - For me this is such a crucial element to Wellness , exercise we must move our bodies. Movement and exercise is healthy because it removes stagnation: blood, oxygen, waste, and nutrients can freely flow unobstructed to get where they need to be when we start moving around. When we exercise endorphins are released this triggers a positive feeling in the body.

Movement is an excellent therapy for clearing blocks not only in our body, but also in our energy (chakra) system, especially when coupled with a healthy diet. Drink 2/3 liters of water everyday and most importantly sleep 6/8 hours a night ( we have lots to help with that at Mookie & Boo Apothecary )

2.Emotional - This can be a tricky aspect to manage but what works for me is organizing my time correctly , I have a very creative mind and tend to wander from one task or thought into another , which can lead into stressful situations and tight deadlines. Manage your time correctly , prioritize tasks and this will help to alleviate stress. Try to stay positive and use visualization to see a positive outcome in tricky situations. Most importantly use your breath its the most powerful tool to stay calm. I also find routine helps I really become aware of lack of routine when my little people are off school. Simple … remember to Smile x

3 Social - Create a balance with your work life - parenting - take some time for you. Find something that interests you and prioritise some time , a yoga class - running club - walk with a friend. Connection and conversation are imperative to your wellbeing. Social media has forever changed the way we communicate and interact. Golden rule never use your phone when you wake up or before you sleep for at least an hour. Spend time with people who lift you up and enhance your life.

4 Spiritual - This is a completely personal practice , for me I find this place on my yoga mat and when Im near the sea, find what fills you up and try to spend time there daily.

5 Intellectual - Simple become a life long learner, read and take in as much information as you can especially in subjects or concepts that interest you. I love to learn especially through on line courses its a life saver for a busy mama as you can schedule times to take your modules to suit you.

So in order to be in a state of wellness it is imperative that none of the above elements are neglected … Simple ? … no its takes time and balance Over the next few weeks I will be delving further into the 5 dimensions of wellness . I like to think of Wellness as a state of mind & body that we are pro actively seeking and evolving into too , where we are engaged with our thoughts and our bodies and placing ourselves as the highest priority. Ultimately , Wellness is the ability to tune into your mind and body , understand your needs slow down and take the time to meet them.

Become your own Wellness Warrior ,

Much Love

Suzie X

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